Do You Know Why Girls Don't Call You Back?

Published: 05th October 2009
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Copyright (c) 2009 Vin DiCarlo

There's nothing more frustrating than spending an hour spitting game to a girl at the bar, only to call her the next day and not get an answer.

In the era of cell-phones, it's understandable if you don't get an answer the first time you call. But there you are, waiting for her to call you back.

And it never happens.

Or let's say you text her. And she doesn't text back.

That's actually worse! She OBVIOUSLY has text messaging, and SEES YOUR TEXT.

And she chooses to not respond. After ALL THAT WORK!

To make matters worse, you were probably NERVOUS about calling, and had to overcome a tough case of the 'butterflies' to work up the nerve to call her.

I remember back in high school, when I'd occasionally stumble onto a phone number. Girls would have parties or whatever, and give me their number.

"Call me!" They'd say in a chipper voice. if it were that easy.

Us guys have it tough sometimes. We have to do all the work!

Or do we?

This was a question I never bothered to answer until I was in my 20's...after a lot of failure.

But thank god I did at all!

You can't get mad about all that lost time, all those unanswered phone calls, and failed attempts.

After all, if it weren't for your frustration, you wouldn't be so motivated to seek out new knowledge, and learn all you can about women.

I know that when I first got started, I was a SPONGE.

I couldn't get enough...of psychology studies, experience, advice from women, and from guys who were good with women.

There's really no other way. I think it was Isaac Newton who said something along the lines of "if I can see farther, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants."

No one can do it alone. But it can certainly feel lonely on your quest.

That's because, ultimately, no one can change your life except for you.

And being better with women is just one aspect of this. In fact, by improving your life in other ways, you can actually get better with women naturally.

I have a friend named Matt.

He was one of the fastest learners in the Masterminds.

But I wouldn't say he's any smarter than the next man. He was just totally committed, and knew how to WORK SMARTER.

OK, maybe he is smarter.

I've spoken to him about his incredible rate of progress, and it turns out, he actually has a system to increase the learning curve by up to TEN TIMES.

I wish I knew this stuff when I was younger. I could've avoided all the dead-ends of dating.

It was USELESS calling a girl, and calling her again...and again. And getting no answer.

Because not only do you not make progress, YOU DON'T LEARN ANYTHING.

Me and my good friend Julian, who is one of the best pickup artists I've ever met. This is a guy I'd have on my team for sure if he weren't doing his own thing.

He and I came together to put a COMPLETE SYSTEM to not only eliminate flaking, but to learn from your mistakes during your initial learning-phase.

I remember one of the most profound moments I had a survey, asking women:

"Have you ever been attracted to a man, but lost interest because of a mistake he made on the phone or text?"

Overwhelmingly, the response from REAL WOMEN was "YES." About 90% in fact.

This just made me think of all the opportunities I WORKED FOR, and SCREWED UP with incompetent follow-up.

And to think that I used to get nervous before phone calls, only to get her voicemail.

The very idea of a woman NOT seeing me again is absurd.


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