How to Keep the Conversation Rolling without Routines

Published: 15th October 2009
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Copyright (c) 2009 Vin DiCarlo

When I first discovered the pickup community, there was this crazy obsession for conversational "routines."

At the time it SEEMED like a novel idea.

Except it wasn't.

If you're life is not in order, you will have a hard time "saying the right thing" to women.

Ask yourself - what's the most clich├ęd aspect of picking up women?


"So, uh, you come here often?"

Routines are just more complicated LINES.

And that's why they don't work.

You see, if you can wrap your mind around WHY lines don't work, you'll understand why ROUTINES DON'T work.

And instead of teaching men on how to THINK like an attractive man, they simply teach cold, empty lines and techniques.

The poor contestants have to memorize all sorts of tactics just to talk to women!

It's sad - guys think it takes all that hardship just to talk to girls.

Let me tell you something - I MEET BEAUTIFUL WOMEN WHENEVER I WANT.

And I don't plan a damn thing. Here's why...


But the women you are spouting your routines at are SHOWING YOU WHAT TO TALK ABOUT.

Let me extrapolate here.

Women leave their homes PREPARED FOR WHAT THEY WANT.

A woman will simply not leave her home dressed in a way that will attract unwanted attention.

Think about this - if you were going to prison, would you get a stylish haircut, shave your face, and exercise to sculpt your butt ahead of time?

NO. You would NOT DO THAT.

Instead you'd probably shave your head, let your beard grow, and bulk up your chest and shoulders.


Because you don't want to be noticed!

Now think about a woman. She is smaller, weaker, and more emotionally vulnerable than most men.

She has to be EXTRA careful not to attract unwanted attention from men, because it can be TOUGH to fight them off. And even if she doesn't have to reject a guy, she might still get followed for blocks (this is real. I've dated tons of women who told me about being stalked, followed, and attacked, by TOTAL STRANGERS).

So keeping that in mind, if she is dressed in a sexy outfit, showing off her body, wearing a certain piece of jewelry or accessory, or is doing something noticeable (like dancing or singing or talking loudly) what the hell do you think she WANTS?

Btw, I know I've cussed a lot in this letter, but it's because I'm really excited about what you're about to learn, and I'm recalling a lot of my old confusion!

So if you see a woman that GETS your attention, guess what?


She wants it, that is, until you approach with a nervous, awkward, desperate energy.

And then she says, "oh, what'd I get myself into."

Competence breeds confidence.

My friend, Brian, actually bases his entire approach on this mindset, by the way. So if you're a logical kind of guy, but you're struggling with approach anxiety, Brian is the guy to talk to.

He has developed a style of pickup that bypasses anxiety and bad beliefs. Something he calls "going beyond belief." And it works. I've seen the results first-hand.


And if you're struggling to keep the convo going, here's the Pick-Up Lines And know when to pick up women

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